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By Magnolia Dermatology
September 27, 2016
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What your dermatologist in Charleston wants you to know about pore strips

If you have acne, blackheads or enlarged pores, you may have tried over-the-counter pore strips available in your local grocery store. pore stripsPore strips are an inexpensive way to remove blackheads from your nose, cheeks and forehead, but they may also damage your skin. Dr. Joseph Myers at Magnolia Dermatology in Charleston, SC wants to share with you why pore strips can be bad for your skin and some alternative treatments you can try.

When you pull a pore strip from your skin, the tugging motion can cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Your newly-opened pores can be prone to infection, so it’s important to keep your skin clean after using pore strips. Your skin is protected by the natural oils on your face, and when you use pore strips, much of the natural oils are stripped away. Your skin can become red, dry and flaky.

Your dermatologist in Charleston wants you to know about several effective treatment alternatives to pore strips. If you have blackheads or enlarged pores, he may recommend:

  • Extraction--which uses a small tool to remove the blackheads or whiteheads
  • Benzoyl peroxide--which is often used for mild acne to reduce blockages in clogged hair follicles
  • Topical or oral antibiotics--which can eliminate any infection in your pores
  • Tretinoin--which can eliminate blackheads and whiteheads by removing blocked-up material

If you have blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores or other forms of acne, you don’t have to continue using pore strips. There are many other effective treatments available from your dermatologist. Call Dr. Myers at Magnolia Dermatology in Charleston, SC. Get started on your beautiful face by calling today!