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By Magnolia Dermatology
December 19, 2017
Category: Skin Care
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This simple cosmetic filler could just give you the rejuvenated skin makeover you’ve been looking for.juvederm

As we get older we can easily see those years and how they alter and change the contouring and appearance of our face. Suddenly, we start to see new lines and wrinkles form. Lips start to thin out and cheeks lose their fullness. If you are dealing with these issues you may think the only option is cosmetic surgery, but our Charleston, SC, dermatologist Dr. Joseph Myers, Jr. is here to tell you about a quick, non-invasive approach to achieving that younger appearance.

What is Juvederm XC?

This treatment employs thin injectables that when administered into deeper areas of tissue in the face can greatly reduce lines, wrinkles and folds while also restoring volume in areas of the face that have lost elasticity, which is a natural part of aging.

This cosmetic treatment is amazingly versatile. A lot of people just assume that this treatment can only reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles but it can truly do a lot more. Juvederm can even plump up the lips, improve fullness in the cheeks, reduce the appearance of superficial scars (e.g. acne scars) and improve the appearance of sagging skin.

How does Juvederm XC work?

This specially formulated gel uses hyaluronic acid, which is already naturally found within the body and plays a role in keeping skin supple and firm. As we get older our skin doesn’t produce as much hyaluronic acid, which leads to the loss of elasticity and plumpness in the skin. Luckily, by injecting Juvederm XC into the skin we can enhance it’s overall appearance.

What can I expect if I get Juvederm?

When you come into our office our Charleston skin doctor will first want to make sure that you are right for this treatment. We will examine your skin and chat with you about your goals to make sure they align with what this treatment can offer you.

Once you are deemed a good candidate the next step is to administer the injections. This only takes a few minutes to perform. Most people hear needles and worry that treatment will be painful. Luckily the gel within the Juvederm injected also contains anesthesia, which will help to ease and numb the area to reduce discomfort.

How long does Juvederm last?

Results will be different for everyone but in general Juvederm results tend to last anywhere from six months to a year. Luckily, if you are happy with the results you achieved with Juvederm you can choose to get maintenance injections to refresh your appearance every six months to one year.

Magnolia Dermatology in Charleston, SC, is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive dermatological care. If you want to chat about different cosmetic options that could improve your skin then it’s the perfect time to schedule a consultation with us.

By Magnolia Dermatology
January 30, 2017
Category: Skin Care
Tags: Juvederm   fine lines   wrinkles  

Find out if this cosmetic dermal filler could give you the smoother appearance you want.

It’s the New Year and it’s time to say goodbye to dull, wrinkled and old skin and get a fresh, new look. If you keep wishing that you could juvedermturn back the hands of time to improve your appearance and look years younger, it’s time to talk to our Charleston, SC, dermatologist, Dr. Joseph Myers, Jr., about whether Juvederm is right for you.

What is Juvederm?

Chances are you’ve heard of dermal fillers before but Juvederm is a bit different. This filler uses a substance naturally found in our bodies known as hyaluronic acid. Since Juvederm uses a substance that is already found in the body there is no threat of allergies from this dermal filler. This acid is designed to plump up and volumize skin.

Who is a good candidate for Juvederm?

If you want to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and creases on the face or you want to plump up your lips, then Juvederm could be the right cosmetic treatment for you. Women who are pregnant or nursing are not good candidates for treatment.

The Juvederm® family of fillers can be injected into the skin to help erase fine lines and wrinkles, plump the lips, elevate deep folds, and add volume to your cheek area to correct age-related volume loss. If you are tired of having wrinkled, creased skin and want to refresh your appearance then our Charleston skin doctor could help improve your appearance with Juvederm.

If you want to reduce the appearance of facial lines and get a rejuvenated appearance then it’s time you considered getting Juvederm in Charleston, SC. Call Magnolia Dermatology today to learn more.