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June 14, 2017
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Skin conditions, whether they appear slowly over time or come on suddenly, can be both surprising and concerning. However, learning skin conditionsto identify some common skin conditions can help you assess the situation and know what to expect, how to handle it, and when to contact your doctor. Find out more about some common skin conditions with Dr. Joseph Myers at Magnolia Dermatology in Charleston, SC.

Skin Conditions

  • Acne: Acne develops when the glands in the skin produce too much sebum, a naturally occurring oil. The oil pushes dead skin cells to the surface of a pore, causing the pore to become clogged, causing a pimple to form. Acne most commonly occurs on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, and back.
  • Eczema: Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, occurs when the skin has the tendency to become red, inflamed, and irritated. While eczema often affects children and infants, it also affects about 3% of adults, according to the National Eczema Association. The rash is almost always itchy and most commonly occurs on the face, neck, wrists, hands, and feet.
  • Skin Cancer: The Skin Cancer Foundation says that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lives. Identifying skin cancer early is one of the most crucial steps in a successful treatment. Skin cancer often presents itself in the form of a new mole which will differ from a normal mole. The cancerous mole may have abnormalities in its border instead of being smooth and round or ovular, have two or more different colors within its border, be larger than the size of a pencil eraser, or evolve, change, or grow quickly. If you think you have skin cancer, you should see your dermatologist as soon as possible for testing.
  • Rosacea: This common skin condition occurs most often on the face, sometimes moving down the neck to the chest or to the ears. Rosacea causes the skin to become red, flushed, irritated, or develop a thickened or bumpy texture.

Dermatological Treatments in Charleston, SC
Treatments for skin conditions vary based on which condition your dermatologist diagnoses. Treatments may begin conservatively with lifestyle changes or prescription ointments and evolve into a skin care routine or even surgery. Your dermatologist can help you determine the best course of treatment for your skin condition.

For more information on skin conditions or their treatments, please contact Dr. Joseph Myers at Magnolia Dermatology in Charleston, SC. Call (843) 769-2100 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Myers today!