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By Magnolia Dermatology
July 09, 2020
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How your dermatologist in Charleston SC can help when you have a rash

Rashes are itchy and uncomfortable. They're also unsightly, making you want to hide your skin, and your self-confidence may go with it. The good news is, your dermatologist can treat your rash, so you can enjoy clear skin once again.

Dr. Joseph Myers Jr. at Magnolia Dermatology in Charleston SC offers a wide range of cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments, including effective solutions to eliminate rashes. Contact us to learn more about Charleston Rashes.

Treating Your Rash

Rashes can show up as an allergic response to an irritant, like pet dander, foods, or other allergens. They can also be due to environmental exposure to plants like poison ivy. These rashes typically look like red bumps and can appear spread out over large areas of your body. They usually itch.

You can try taking over-the-counter antihistamines and oatmeal baths to reduce the itch and avoid what causes the allergy

Your dermatologist can determine if your Charleston rashes are caused by an allergy. If your rash continues to itch after trying simple remedies like those listed above, your dermatologist may recommend:

  • Professional-strength antihistamines
  • Prescription topical cortisone cream

If your skin has been exposed to chemicals, you might develop a rash known as contact or atopic dermatitis. Rashes caused by dermatitis may look scaly and dry, but they don't usually itch. For dermatitis, your dermatologist may recommend:

  • Antibiotic cream or lotion
  • Prescription-strength antihistamines
  • Prescription-strength steroid cream or lotion

If you suffer from a rash, it may go away with some simple home remedies like those listed above. If you have a stubborn rash that doesn’t respond to home treatments, seek out the help of a skin expert, your dermatologist. Call Dr. Joseph Myers Jr. of Magnolia Dermatology in Charleston SC at (843) 769-2100. Call now and look forward to clear skin!